About You

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About You




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Lights out in alleyways
Doorways fell open
The air was inviting
We walked in slow motion

And, I’m always tongue-tied
You leave me in riddles
And sing me those sad songs
I’m played like a pretty guitar

The songs are inside me
The words never find me
The way they find you

But, if I could disguise you
In poetic phrases
And yet leave the meanings
I paint on these pages

Oh! It’s always easier
Leaving a blank page
Keeping my secrets
So I’m less afraid of you now

We’re shaking like autumn leaves
Flying right off of the trees now
Colors collide and it’s just a matter of time

It’s a little bit colder now in New York City
I’m tripping through doorways
And waiting for snow that will
Fall like a blanket, isn’t that how they say it?

Laves everything whiter,
Leaves everything so damn cold
It’s like me here without you
Everything feels so cold

It’s like white birds in harbors
The morning that you flew away

But I’m gonna sing, pieces of songs about you
I’m gonna build, castles of songs about you
I’m gonna sail though, a sea of songs about you

All of these songs about you