Not Letting Go

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Not Letting Go




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Woke up like a dancer
Who fell out of a tree
My limbs were broken branches
Desire was disease

Your songs were the infection
Your words just brought me down
Now I’m dancing in my dreams
While I’m lying on the ground

Woke up like a diver
Who dove into the sea
My skin was smooth like fire
Salt was air I breathed

Melodies were waves and then
Those waves came crashing down
Now I’m diving in my dreams
While I’m drowning on the ground

But, I’m not letting go, no—
I’m not letting go

There are places in my mind
Where I go from time to time
Makes it easier to cope
Brings a little bit of hope

If you mess with this illusion
I’m forced to the conclusion
I’ll move on
Without you

And, I’m not letting go, no—
I’m not letting go

Don’t pinch me!
Don’t shake me!
Don’t pinch me!

I’m not letting go