Waking Dream

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Waking Dream




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First impressions throw
Fears in my mind grow

Blue light enters through my lungs
And filters out where it comes from
Turning all my bad dreams into songs

Silver wrapper-rings
Pretending grown-up things

Electronic words mean less than those
Scrawled awkwardly in locker doors
I am always holding onto seventeen

Oceans turn the sands our minds will turn to understand
Past events that lead us on and on and on and on and on
Like messages in bottles thrown out spinning in the waves alone
I am always floating in this waking dream
Waking Dream….waking dream

It’s an energy you can’t explain in people and streets unnamed
Swimming through your eyes and out of sight
Now, my fingers stumble over strings, my voice is reaching for the things
My mind has seen in places in-between.
Sleep and sun and places in-between.

Now a sound through wires flows
Synthetic nature shows

All the colors ice can make
You see right through in white and grey
And hold it in your hands to melt it down
Now, I am melting at your feet
You come and walk all over me
I’ll rise again in my waking dream
Waking Dream

Singing oh, oh, oh
Singing oh, oh, oh

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