Tiny Top Hats

Tiny Top Hats is Laura Jean’s latest project in which she is teamed up with the talented Nathan Hamm & James T. Burger.


Laura Jean Binkley

Singer/Songwriter, Guitar

Laura Jean has always been a solo act, but after moving from New York to Northern New England, she discovered that three is indeed the magic number.  She is happy to have met Nathan Hamm and James T. Burger and enjoys sharing and playing her music with them. Tiny Top Hats is a joyful collaboration that got its name from an online purchase of, you guessed it, a tiny top hat.


HY2A9859Nathan Hamm


“Pick up the fiddle and rosin up the bow!” Nate has been a lively force on fiddle since the age of 11 when his fingers first touched the strings. He plays extensively in and around the Upper Valley and generously lends his talents to many a local band including the Wall-Stiles and Reckless Breakfast, where he first started harmonizing with Laura Jean. Nate is a treat to see live for both his high-energy fiddling and his witty banter.


HY2A9819James T. Burger

Harmonica, Whimsical Percussion, etc.

A versatile multi-instrumentalist both live and in the studio, James is also known for his meditative and atmospheric musical performances.  He has an extensive background in film and television, has been a member of New York’s Lower East Side art/punk scene, and is developing a series of presentations on musical instruments from around the world.  He met Laura Jean at ArtWorks, an annual arts festival he created at Dartmouth.